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We've been waiting on the production version of Aston Martin's beautifully rendered Rapide sedan since we saw the concept over three years ago in Detroit. Now, we finally have a month to count down to -- the production Rapide will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Production Aston Martin Rapide to Debut at Frankfurt in September - Motortrend


There's been much speculation of late on the gleaming silver "Corvette-like" concept car spotted on the set of the new Transformers movie. Some outlets have incorrectly asserted the concept is a potential design for a next-generation C7 Corvette. They're wrong. Oh, it's a Corvette, but our well-placed sources tell us the concept, which we've revealed in an exclusive shot of the clay concept above, is GM's Corvette Centennial Design Concept. We expect to see it revealed early next year, months before it debuts on the silver screen in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen.

EXCLUSIVE: The Transformers Mystery Car Is The Corvette Centennial Design Concept!


Aston shows that it has little trouble doing what Porsche clearly can’t: build a beautiful four-door sports car.

2010 Aston Martin Rapide - Official Images


DETROIT, Jan 26 (Reuters) - Chrysler LLC and Fiat SpA (FIA.MI: Quote, Profile, Research) will bring seven new vehicles to North America under their new alliance, Automotive News said on Monday, citing sources who have seen the product-sharing agreement.

Chrysler, Fiat to work on seven new models-magazine


Now that the Obama administration is reconsidering California's plan to increase the fuel economy of cars sold in the Golden State and 13 others to 35 miles per gallon by 2016, we wondered how close the automakers are to getting there.

In the 35 MPG Future, Which Cars Make the Cut? got some dyno results from a new 2008 Dodge Viper ACR. With 1,350 miles on the odometer the current Nürburgring King put down an impressive 546 horsepower and 510 foot pounds of torque to the rear wheels. With a 15% driveline loss that puts the new Viper ACR at 642 horsepower and 600 foot pounds of torque, quite a bit more than the official 600HP number from Dodge.

Dodge Viper ACR makes just as much power as the Corvette ZR1


Chevrolet Corvette tuning specialist Callaway Cars has released yet another package for the iconic muscle car, with the latest kit centering around a supercharger upgrade for the standard 6.2L V8 model.

Callaway launches supercharged Corvette for 2009


Find a normal Corvette or Z06 too bland for your tastes, but not ready to step up to the ZR1? Perhaps the 2009 Chevrolet Corvette Competition Sport package - available on both the base 1LT and Z06 coupes - will catch your fancy.

2009 Chevrolet Corvette Competition Sport Package


Chevrolet’s Corvette has been a perennial favorite among gearheads for more than half a century. From classic models to modern editions, enthusiasts continue to search for the latest high-performance and restyling products for this iconic sports car.

Vette Owners Quick to Customize


Most cars on the market carry some kind of image, whether it's the one the manufacturer intended or not. Often, the image is dictated by customer perceptions, not facts. In this case, though, SEMA has matched some facts to the image of America's sports car, the Chevrolet Corvette.

Survey Says: Corvette Owners Love Their Cars