Tank Equipment
Warning Keep out Lights :

(2 x 250watt) Aqua Medic Metal Halide 2x10,000K (2 x 36watt) T5 Actinic Bulbs

"(2 x 175Watt) Twin Hamilton Pendent 2x20,000k Bulbs"

(2 x 96Watt) Coralife Aqualight 36inch PC Ligths (Refugium Lighting)

(2 x 40Watt) Custom SeaLife 20inch With Moon Light

Pumps :

1800gph Mag Drive Main Pump for 300Gal Tank

750gph Mag Drive Pump To 100 Micron Filter Sock Setup

900gph Mag-Drive Main Return Pump (Pushes Thru UV Then Splits and Supplies Water to Calcium Reactor Then to Tank)

350gph Mag-Drive Secondary Pump (Strait to Tank)

(3 x 150gph) Circulation Pumps In Tank

(1 x 200gph) Circulation Pumps In Tank

(1 x 250gph) Circulation Pumps In Tank

Calcium Reactor : Korallin C-3002 (800g Tank rated) and 10Lbs CO2 Bottle

Ozone : AquaZone Ozoneizer 100

Skimmer : Built into CPR 194 6inch Dia Skimmer

UV Sterilizer :

Aqua 57watt single bulb UV sterilizer w/Wipper (Main Tank)

Turbo-Twist 3x: 9watt (Refugium)

Heater : WON Pro-Heat IC 350 watt Heater

Chillers : 1/5 Hp - DBA-150 Chiller

RO-DI unit : 5 stage unit that produces 100 gal/day

Controller : Octopus 3000

Salinity Tester : American Marine Pinpoint Salinity Monitor
Tank Equipment - Equipment / Specification Summary

Date Started : 92 Gal Corner - July 2004 / 300 Gallon Double Bow - Nov 23, 2005

Tank 1 : 36D x 36W X 24H 92Gal Glass Corner Reef Tank

Tank 2 : 72L x 31W x 31H 300Gal Acrylic Double Bow Reef Tank

Refugium : 30L x 12W x 18H 29Gal Fish Tank Converted To Refugium

Tank / Refugium Temp : 76 Deg.

Salinity : 1.025

Rock and Sand In Tanks

Florida crushed Coral in 300Gal Tank : 160lbs

Indo-Pacific Black Live Sand in 300Gal Tank : 60lbs

Live Rock 92Gal Tank : 120lbs of Fiji, and Florida Live Rock

Live Sand 92Gal Tank : 30lbs of Live Sand (1.5 Inch Depth Average)

Live Rock Refugium Tank : 10lbs of Fiji and Florida Live Rock

Live Sand Refugium Tank : 90lbs of live Sand (8 Inch Depth Average)

Sump 1 : Rubbermaid 150Gal Tub

Wet Dry / Sump 2 : 20Gal CPR CY194

Added Filter System : 2 x Magnum 350 Canister Filters
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