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iPhone Applications (Information & Support)

Available in iTunes

Click on the available on the app store logo below to see the applications in iTunes or under the individual applications click the logo to be sent to that specific applications page in iTunes.

* Please note that some applications may still be waiting on Apple's approval process. Those applications which do not have that logo may still be pending. Check back soon or click on this logo below to see which applications are currently on sale. Or feel free to email me at for more information. 


App Support

For general information or questions E-Mail :

Please include the name of the application in the subject line.

For specific applications enter the applications page and select the appropriate email.

Version numbers may be different than what is currently available. That is because there might be an update to an application waiting on Apple's approval process. These pages will be updated as changes are made to the applications.

Under the Changes label under each specific application are the changes and version made to each application. Be aware that you might see a version which is not available yet on iTunes. That is because it has been submitted and is awaiting Apple's approval process to be completed. Please feel free to email me if you have any question or concerns at


List of applications in alphabetical order


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EHEIM Aquatics Group


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