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Water, Reefs & Ocean News goes live and is growing.


PALM BEACH — Severe damage to a coral reef off Palm Beach has been repaired by a voluntary effort of five marine engineering companies and divers.

$2500.00 Dollar Reward - Volunteers repair damage to Breakers Reef


A few miles from the southeast Florida coast, at a depth of crushing pressure and frigid temperatures, lies an eerie world of snowy coral, undiscovered forms of life and rock towers thrusting through ink-dark water.

Saving the creatures of the deep: A federal government plan aims to protect Florida's reefs before a precious ecosystem


At 300 million years old, the brain is the oldest ever found. The fish skull, found in Kansas, was rare in itself; specimens of early fish are usually squashed flat.

Fossilized fish brain surprises scientists


Being a bit fat may spell the difference between life and death if you’re a coral facing a bleaching crisis.

Fat corals survive longer


SINGAPORE, March 9 (Reuters) - Acidifying oceans caused by rising carbon dioxide levels are cutting the shell weights of tiny marine animals in a process that could accelerate global warming, a scientist said on Monday.

Rising ocean acidity cutting shell weights - study


It was a real-life tale of man against beast, but the details are the stuff of ancient epic myth.

Angler lands 771-pound giant stingray


Prospects are not good this year for the folks who fish for salmon off the California coast - or for the people who like to eat it.

California ban on salmon fishing likely for '09


Cleaning the fossilized remains of a frightening 12-foot-long fish from 70 million years ago was run-of-the-mill for central Illinois paleontologist Todd Hoelmer.

Paleontologist finds rare fish skull


17 February 2009 - A very special fish called the Silver spot is on display at Southern Encounter Aquarium & Kiwi House in Cathedral Square. This fish is a unique addition to the facility because only two other specimens have ever been seen in New Zealand waters!

Rare 'Flashing' Fish On Display At Southern Encounter